To Control our thoughts….Impossible…But Of Course we can be aware of the same…

Mind wanders. The most impossible thing for any of us is to have a control of our mind, over its thoughts. If anybody shoots the reason for it, we don’t have an answer to it. Think of a situation where we can think things according to our likes. How good it would have been for each one of us, if our mind behaves the way we want. We all will always have a positive mind, and we can indeed imagine a world of only good things happening. But a dream is nowhere a reality and things are beyond our control. And the most excruciating thing is that, the very thought we want to keep avoiding to the fullest will always come again and again our mind. So, its concluded, it’s impossible to have a rope to tie our mind. So, how are these thoughts processed in our mind or who is cooking the same in our mind?
Let’s go further. Let’s go around and see, what these thoughts would leave us in the backyard. It’s only the THOUGHTS coming in our mind which becomes our ATTITUDE to ourselves and others. And based on these attitudes comes our WORDS AND ACTIVITIES. The words and activities would throw light on our BEHAVIOUR. And this behaviour can never be differentiated with what is your CHARACTER. All these bold italics here would define your whole PERSONALITY. So, we can underline the fact that its THOUGHTS which is the route cause of what we are.
Now as any coin has two sides, the good and bad can be bifurcated. If its good thoughts in your mind, then the whole cyclic chain would be positive making you an excellent personality. This excellence in you would give way to further good thoughts thereby the whole cycle gets completed time and again. On the other side of the coin, if its bad thoughts, then the entire ongoing process would be negative, and the result would be totally adverse. This adversity would result in anybody’s total piece of mind being washed away and making our life a total disaster. So full and final, its your thoughts that make you what you are.
So, what should I write on here now. I cannot write to you to have a control on your mind and thoughts, as I have already said its impossible (the second sentence in the first para). Each one of you reading this blog now, would never have a unique thought in their mind. Each one of you is going through different feelings right now while reading the same stuff. Your thoughts would obviously get connected to many information’s which is already there in your mind. And the discussions happening between your thought and the already set information would give you various conclusions on what you are reading/writing/doing.
But still with utmost confidence I am telling we are not helpless here. We can definitely be conscious and aware of our thoughts. Just stop reading for a moment and recollect what is going on in your mind now. Whether its some thing creative and one which is going to give a positivity? Whether its worth spending time for the same? You have answered these questions in no time. If it’s something worth, don’t stop yourself from it. Continue to drown and swim to the other end. But what if its some thing unworthy. Just stop it then and there. Rephrase that thought in your mind. If that thought is never going to earmark a positivity for you, why to waste time on the same? This consciousness would definitely make a mar in your life. As already told, you are what you think.
So, My views within the frames of my mind is ‘Be conscious about your thoughts and validate whether its worth and then give space to it in your mind. Sweep it out, if it’s not’.


Impossible –> I am Possible; But Is Everything Possible….

It’s a common phrase; ‘Nothing is Impossible.’ But whether it is really so. Every time we hear the same at various times in our life, if something is possible for some others, why not for you? Of course, there are references in history, wherein many people have achieved the level of greatness by making the impossible to possible. A couple of them here:
Till 1953 conquering Everest was thought to be impossible. It was the courageous attempt made by Edmond Hillary that made a great transformation of that thought. It should have been his adamant belief in himself and his hard work that has made the same possible. Later, this impossible task was made possible by many in the annals of history. The French dictator Napoleon Bonaparte became the youngest leader of the country at the age of 31. Born in a small island, a short man & a normal soldier, he remained in power for so long, but for his disbelief in the word Impossible.
We are all dumped into the world of impossibilities for the only reason of failure in the task. But for that fear factor we never go into such a belief. So how can we make things we want into its possibilities. Herein I go for a check out.

  1. Plan your task. Plan your task, the best of its way to jot it down in a paper in to small steps. The final step should always be the best outcome that you can make it out the task. If its business, it should be the maximum possible profit that comes as the outcome. If its exams it should be an A+ in all the subjects likewise.
  2. Believe in yourself. Whatever is the task before you, always tell yourself that you are in the game and you are going to make it. Accept the situation what you are in & realise yourselves in the most positive way. There is no better prescription than self-motivation when a challenge is before you. Don’t take the slightest step backward in any manner.
  3. Hard work, this is the next key word to success for any task. Don’t ever allow the words of motivations coming in your mind to remain idle there. Make sure that conversions of the same to actions is happening simultaneously.
  4. Don’t ever allow any of your limitations or weaknesses to come to your mind. Even if it comes at times, it should be never allowed to rule on and should be shunted out as fast as possible. Broom it out fully so that not even a particle of the same remain in our mind. Go on with your try.
  5. Don’t ever give any ear to any negative remarks around. Just leave the place of any such comments and remain far at a distance. And always do try and fall into people/friends/relatives giving positive feedback and encouragement. This would help you to have a positive attitude.

And last but not the least, once decided there should not be any looking back. Hurdles may come in your chase. But these hurdles should never force for any leap back. As already mentioned, ‘You are in the game & you can make it’. Self-motivation is your motto. And victory is yours.

Criticize to motivate……

It always hurts us, when we are criticised by someone. Even if its our parents or siblings, sometimes we cannot take it in the right spirit and we feel odd. Why is it that others don’t think on our side? why don’t they understand our position? Questions of these kinds follows in our mind. Indeed, many around us opines that there should not be any criticisms because they demotivate and the same should be replaced by corrective measures.
But think of a situation where criticisms act as motivations. How nice it would be, if criticisms boost up our energy and positivity. Here in we are going to discuss the same thing of how we can motivate people while criticising them.

  1. Criticize in private and compliment in public

Usually we criticise our subordinates, kids, students, friends, colleagues, when they do a mistake or when they don’t perform well, or when we don’t get the expected result out of somebody. So, make criticism an art here by criticising them keeping separately in public and never before others. Call him to the cabin or get him when not body is around and tell him the mistake he has committed and what counter active steps is to be taken to come out of it. And whenever a good work of the person comes in your sight, don’t ever forget to appreciate him in public. This appreciation should be aloud and never be an undertone or a telephonic conversation. Always make it a point that this never becomes the other way around.
Criticize the action and not the person.
Have a control on your words even if its an outburst. Our speech should always be specific to the act done by the person now. Always keep a watch that the words don’t cross the borders of the same. Don’t make a mistake of recalling some of the errors done by the person previously. Also take special care not to make any personal comment here. Comments of the like ‘You are not good, Useless, good for nothing, a liability’ would always ache the person and would demoralise him which can never be appreciated. So always be specific to criticise the action and not the person.
Slice your criticisms.
Always slice your criticisms. By slicing I mean, before criticising a person, as already mentioned call him to the cabin or in private and first talk to him about the good work he has done in the previous times in a small conclusive way. And then speak out about the changes he needs to bring in to correct himself. Tell him the ways improve for better results. And then finally speak to him about high expectations that you have about him in the organisation. Tell him about the leadership post he has to handle in the days to come. This will definitely give him an image of a mentor in his mind. This will also help in having healthy relationships with others around you also.
Whatever is the bad situation you are in, think a while and try to bring in a warm thought which would pacify others. Never give them a feeling of loneliness. Always give a feeling to them that you are with them. That protective layer will always help them to stand erect before criticisms of any kind.

It’s Very Easy to be Happy in Life…. Any Doubts….

Answer honestly.

Whether we are happy in our life? Very few of us would be able to give a firm ‘YES’ to it. But why is it so? A “NO” here should have a reason for it. What is hampering our happiness? A low mark in exam, a joblessness, an issue in the family, feeling not being loved by parents, relatives or friends…Theses could be a few mentions…

So herein I am blogging about how to be happy in life. A few tips are…

  1. Love Yourself. Love your body and your mind to the fullest. The self confidence you have, the self esteem you have, the self-respect you have should always be at the best. When you start loving yourself, an obvious happiness would automatically come to you. Two important thigs to be noted to love your body and mind is that, always have a healthy diet and good sleep. When you have a healthy diet, you would be obviously away from all illnesses and a sound sleep would cause in a good freshness to your mind every morning. A good exercise routine and a good rest would be good supporters for the same.
  2. Always be confident about your appearance. Expose yourself in its best way so that you feel you are the best. Neat, Clean, Tidy, Ironed clothes, Gentle appearance, Combed hair, washed socks should all be given attention. A person with a wrinkled face and uncombed hair would be called upon as one who is unhappy with himself. So, give due courtesy to your physical appearance with all these few aspects.
  3. Be tension free. Remember Omar Khayyam’s words here “Don’t ever worry about the dead yesterday and the to be born tomorrow, because today is beautiful. Live it. Stop worrying about what has gone from your hand. Live in this moment. Gain the energy for that. Always, I repeat always bear in your mind to live in the present.
  4. Have some privacy time of your own every day. Be it an hour, a few minutes. Do what you like, see what you like, Play what you like, Dream to its limitless extensions, Fly like a bird in your own world, Leave your mind to flow like a river. This would not only make happy but also would help in your personality development by realising yourself.
  5. Have some time to share with others around you. Be it your friends, relatives, parents or anybody. We are all social beings and to be happy by restricting us to ourselves is next to impossible. Don’t ever keep our happiness, sorrows to ourselves. Share it with those around you which would make you happier. We should always give a reflection of what we are to those around us, which would invite help from others in being happy.
  6. Always look around us and see those people who are not as fortunate as we are. Be it not as healthy as we are, not financially well of as we are, not educated as we are and on and on. Don’t ever be just sympathetic to those people. Try to think a being a helping hand to at least one of them in some way. This small helping hands you offer would bring in a good satisfaction in yourself which would bring in a happiness.
  7. Just a travel. A travel does not exactly mean a tour a trip with family and friends. Doesn’t matter if it is alone also. It could be a nearby peaceful place like a hill top wherein you can sit peacefully. A silent sight seeing is also well preferable. A small travel of the kind would give a break from all your routine tensions and have peace. Again, you are happy.
  8. A smile. Always carry a smile on your lips which would make you pleasing before others. Meeting somebody on your way, while purchasing things from the grocery shop, co travellers in train or buses, meeting friends and colleagues, invariably present them with a warm smile which would bring in positivity in you.
  9. Don’t ever switch off the lights to bed with an ill mood. If at all we had some bitter experience, some quarrels, don’t take the back of these incidents while going to bed. Replace these thoughts with positive ones and feel good. If at all any issue is still disturbing you, cool your mind by pardoning them. This will help you to relieve from the stress of that. If you have faced any criticism or complaints about you the same day, just re winding the entire episode and find where you have gone wrong. Then take the positivity’s out of those criticisms and cool your mind. Even if it is a situation of we are criticising others, be very careful and gently about your words. Don’t ever hurt others by your words or by harsh jokes. Repeat the thought that, this is life and things of this kind would keep happening. So, it’s just all in the game. So, calm your mind. Pardoning is godly.
  10. When you sleep with such a mindset, you would be fresh in your thoughts the next day. You would start the day with a cool and fresh mind that a positive thought would have already grabbed in you. Get fresh and with the same fresh positive mind, look at the mirror and say as many positive things as you can. Once you are done with it, you would be starting off with a very happy mindset.

Prioritise things in your life. Of course, these priorities vary from person to person. Family, finance, job, career, parents son, daughter…list is endless. Always follow the rules as a good citizen and fulfil your responsibilities as a person, only when we go wrong we are unhappy.

Love your life, nature, parents, god, mitigate your words, have a simple life and don’t hate others….

Let life be a festival.

Lazy….Are you….?

“I give the toughest work to the most lazy ones as they would find the most easy way to it” – Bill Gates

How to remove laziness…?

I am hungry & their are snacks over there in box. But I can’t raise from here to take it.

There are lots to do….But I can’t….

And remember it’s never a physical or mental ailment that’s stopping us from doing it. Its herein the worst quality in any of us is exposed out; Laziness. But accept the truth that, no body can be excluded from the fact that everyone is lazy for some or the other thing.

But remember, if the kind of laziness you are in is hampering your success in any part of your life, think that you are trapped.

So better, broom that laziness and throw it away from your life at the earliest. But how….?????

1. Do something right now.

Identify yourself what are you lazy for. Think that you need to purchase vegetables and groceries from the market. But the laziness in you would prompt to postpone the same at a later time. It’s here we have to act upon. Get up at this moment and take your vehicle and go for the purchase right now. If you can practice such an attitude, it’s guaranteed that the laziness would be out from you to a good extend. So do something right now especially on what you are lazy at. What is to be done today should be done at this moment and what is to be done tomorrow should be started today.

2. Always have a good clarity of your goal or what is to be done. This clear clarity will help you to break down the goal into smaller tasks. When it’s reduced to many tasks, it would give a feeling of easiness in doing it and that too in a short span of time. This will promt us to attend the task with hardly any hesitation.

3. Bring in the thoughts of the negative consequences you would face by the laxity in performing your task. There could also be a factor of fear in this. When a glow of this, throws a negative shade of the problems you would face if you don’t perform, the situation would turn aside to be a motivational one.

4. This is just the other side of the above coin. This time think of the benefits you are going to gain if the task is completed. Doing each small task which you have already set and finally reaching the goal is definitely going to bring laurels to you. Be it a good score in your progress card, helping your parents in the house hold work or an allocated job to you at your workplace.

5. Always have a good company of friends, relatives, people around you who are encouraging. Relate the same to an exam time where in it would be always good to go for a group study, but only with who are encouraging and positive in attitudes.

6. Observe around you and catch hold of those around you who have already done/already doing the act that you are lazy at. Think of the excercise time in the morning. To get up at an early time from bed is not easy. So try to gather somebody around you who are already getting up at that time for a walk/excercise. Be it your brother, cousin..go along with them.

7. Don’t ever think, say yourself that you are lazy. Never comment ‘I am lazy to do that.’ If you label yourself as lazy, then it would be tough to survive the same.

So think about all these and start moving forward to achieve your goals. Let energy & enthusiasm replace your laziness and March on…..Explore….

Remove laziness…..Lazy man’s mind is devil’s workshop.

Don’t think of the Pile….Just think of the moment…

It’s a very small story…..

Two clocks on the walls seeing face to face. One clock was a new one and the other an old one. It seemed that the new clock was sad and in a deep thought. Seeing this the older clock asked the matter.
The newer clock said “I’m thinking of the task ahead of me. I need to be live the whole 24 hours, which means 1440 minutes, which in turn means 86,400 seconds. In an year it comes to 3,15,36,000 ticks”. Thinking the Pile, I don’t feel like working.

The older clock replied “No need to think of this crores of ticks. Just one tick in one second. Do only that, forget all other things & move on”.

The newer clock was much relieved and started ticking on every second and move on.

Relate this with each of us also. Don’t get desperate by seeing the huge pile of duties & responsibilities before you. Just think of the moment and take the first thing on priority. I have heard many telling many a times the regular dialogue ” I don’t have time “. It’s not that time is not there. We are not using time in a creative way. For anybody who feels, they don’t have time for something, I can provide a short cut. Just try it one day, to record your activities in a paper on an hourly basis. Rising in the morning to the time you switch off your lights to bed need to made note of. Just check it out, the next day, we would find how much time we are wasting with hardly any creativity. A day is a long 24 hours. Minus 8 hours sleep, you are left out with 16 hours. Again lessening 8 hours of Games/Leisure🎷🎸🏏🏸, again you have 8 hours in ✋. What’s it that we are not able to complete in this 8 hours ?

So….My Views Within the Frames of My Mind……Find out the way, your time is getting wasted…..Undergo a resolution of using it the most creative way….And success is yours….

Is it the school, teachers…or parents….?

and many more…….

So, it has become a regular news in all media….
The number of cases wherein School students are committing suicide are coming out in large numbers. Reasons for the same are almost similar in most of the cases.It could be a scolding from teacher, exam stress or a kind of the mentioned ones, only to add a few…

Suicide by anybody is concluded as an immaturity of a moment, be it for anybody for whatever reasons. And especially as students, we have no other duty other than studying. So, when life is too smooth a journey, why does it happen…?
The real question is, who is the culprit here…. What are the reasons…. Is it something wrong with the generation…. questions un ending…

We all would have attachment with so many people around us in our life. Children as students are always bounded, firstly by the parents & relatives, then by their teachers and of course by their friends. Among the three, I strongly feel that any child must have their maximum liberty with their parents. Children should always have a feeling that they are under a protective covering of the parents. Any grievances of any kind, they should have an inner feeling that their parents are there to help them. If such a feel is not there in any children, I would say that their parents have failed in their obligation. Its only because the child has not instilled the confidence in him that his parents would be by his side for any of his problem.

Parents, too busy on their job, that even after reaching home they are forced to spend the time before Laptop or Tab. As I had already mentioned in my previous blog, most of them would also be too busy on their smart phones on their favorite games or applications or YouTube. This should be stopped abruptly, and parents must find time to talk to their children and know the antecedents in the school, be it a joke among the friends or the scolding of a teacher.

As I had already mentioned, the act of suicide is the immaturity of a second. It should be a feeling of tension, anxiety about something or finally a feeling that everything has come to an end. All children should be exposed to the happenings and incidents around us, the society. They should be motivated to read the hardships faced by many greats in the world, who had been successful despite their initial failures. For this the teachers too should play their role. Other than the daily lessons in the text books they should speak to their students about the various matters around us. I think most of the teachers, talks about the exams and the competition they are going to face in the outside world which only would stress the teenagers. But these teachers should also be capable to give ample confidence to their students to face the reality and they should also make the students aware that a failure in their way is not going to matter much in the path of success. A failure in an exam, an interview, a scolding or punishment from a teacher should always induce good spirits in the minds of the children.

All of us had innumerable friends around us during our student days. We all have involved in so many discussions that we don’t remember their numbers. All children should have the sense of judgement of what is to be accepted or what is not. So, what would they do when they are confused or in the midst of something wherein they are fighting to come out? Herein I recall what I have mentioned at the beginning of my blog. Any confusions, they should be at liberty with their parents for an open discussion. 

This discussion would brief them of what is to be heard, what is to be understood and what is to be accepted….

So, my views within the frames of my mind…all parents should make sure that their kin has a good liberty with them to express themselves.